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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Greenskeeper Tent

Tomorrow we make the trek for a practice round at the Open. I hear Bill Murray is playing. I guess that is less harmful than some of his recent movies.

The action will be at the Greenskeeper tent and Tom, Brad and I will be checking that out for sure.

I expect to see lot's of familiar faces and many faithful will be there. Hope everyone has fun.

105 days without rain for those who are counting. We need 110.


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Monday, January 30, 2006

Phoenix Open - ooooh can't wait!

Tiger Woods is in Dubai. Ernie Els and Retief Goosen are in Dubai. So our desert is not good enough for them? Bummer dude.

One thing it won't slow down - the partying! We have gone 104 days without rain. I just looked at the weather forecast and the only wet area this week looks to be the drinks flowing around the 16th hole. The loudest hole in golf.

Forget get out and play - get out and watch!...
The Golf Now Team

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Tiger wins Buick Open for fourth time. Yawn!

As Tiger lined up the 6-foot putt on 18 to earn a spot in the playoff, I was running into my house. I had been receiving 30-minute updates on my Blackberry from my good buddy John in Toronto.

Ten way tie.
Jonathon Kaye – 4 birdies in a row.
Some no name takes the lead.
A couple of personal insults. Standard fare!

Bad time to be trapped in “Big Momma Part 2”. By the way – take a big pass on that!

Why was I running? He thrives on this stuff. Dead center! The rest (playoff) is so anticlimactic.

Not since Jack Nicklaus entered his fourties have I rooted for the favorite. Way to go Tiger.

Congratulations to Phoenix’s own Jonathan Kaye who had a great last round (-4) and finished one shot off the lead. I recently had the privilege of playing a few holes with him at Silverleaf, his home course. He was just killing it. I have no frame of reference since I never get to play with pros, but he seemed friendly, relaxed and confident. He hit a drive off his knees, well past mine. Again, as a frame of reference, I am told I have a swing like Jim Furyk, with the distance of his wife – hence the tag “Jan”Furyk.

He has got to be an early favorite at the Phoenix open with Phil Mickelson, where both have won.

Get out and play...
The Golf Now Team

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Golf and Technology – More than just clubs and balls…

We are just back from the PGA show in Orlando, Florida. We were amazed at all the technology coming to the golf industry. Hand held GPS is getting closer. We think it is still too costly, therefore needs more time.

In the future, we see all our users having the ability to book tee times at any golf course in our network using cell phones and PDA’s. After making a reservation they will have the pertinent information about the course downloaded to their phone along with their booking confirmation. When they get to the first tee, their phone will have all the yardage and distance information from ball to hole.

For, technology is helping build our community as the tools of information dissemination become cheaper. Take a look around the site; RSS feeds are available so you can have the top 10 deals from your community pushed to your personal homepage, blog or any RSS reader.

The new, improved community section of the is filled with links and golf news from around the globe. Leaderboards will be available soon on our site; these should come in handy during the major golf tournaments of 2006.

Phoenix, Arizona, our first golf community, had great success with monthly tournaments and a country club for users. Expect to see these in your community soon, along with awesome deals on useful golf products. Customer rewards and loyalty programs are in-the-works too.

We are now using job search software from to list golf jobs in your community. Have you ever thought of changing careers and getting into the golf field fulltime? Now may be the time to check it out.

We think that podcasts will be a fun tool for our users and we envision our communities having their own webcasts during tournaments for a new, fun way to listen to golf. The next best golf voice could be amongst our regular users.

A feature that helps you find a game may be cool – let us know. The most important aspect of any community is two-way communication. Therefore, please use the Community Feedback form to submit suggestions on improving our tee time service and community. If you like our service, Tell-A-Friend. If a course you like to play is not on our network, tell us and tell the course.

We hope you enjoy the new features. Check back to our GolfNow blog often for relevant updates.

Get out and play…
The GolfNow Team