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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

GolfNow Event Series

One of the great new things that is doing is hosting the Event Series. So far we have hosted Events in Phoenix, San Francisco and Sacramento. We will start hosting these Events in new markets throughout the year.

Each event has 72 spots available for you and your buddies to go and play your own ball, have a fun and affordable day of golf within a slightly competitive setting. At the end of each Event, prizes are awarded, and trust me when I say that there are some great prizes! The idea behind the Event Series is to organize a fun day of golf with other GolfNow users at some of the best courses in each area, and of course as is the GolfNow tradition, at an affordable rate.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Three-Putt

I am trying to imagine the pressure that the players feel the day before a key tournament such as The Players Championship. It is their last chance to qualify for the Masters, so besides all of the other factors in this game, everyone wants to do well. Then there is Greg Owens who basically had it in his pocket last week at Bay Hill and then threw it, or in his case, three-putted it all away. Now he is ranked No. 53 moving up from No. 95 which still gives him a chance at the Masters, but a very small one. For Owens to make the cut, not only does he have to do well, but a few other guys will need to drop a few spots in the rankings to get him in the top 50. That is a lot to ask when everyone wants to step up their game this week.

Despite his errors on 17 last week, I don’t see how you could not root for Owens. He showed a lot of class last week after his heart wrenching loss. Most guys would have put off the media to deal with what just happened. Owens on the other hand, shook Rod Pampling’s hand and faced the world one interview after another at his worst professional moment. Not many people could do that, so for that I hope he is able to "putt" it behind him and play this week like he did for the first 16 holes of last week's tournament.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Family Ties

The Bay Hill Invitational is in full swing. The weather has been perfect and they are expecting another beautiful day. What a job? These guys get paid to go and play golf at the best courses in the world and enjoy the best weather. Granted, they have worked hard to get where they are at and deserve plenty of respect.

And then there are those who are playing thanks to their family ties. Yes, I am referring to Arnold Palmer’s 18-year-old grandson, Sam Saunders, who is playing at the Bay Hill Invitational this week. He has done pretty well as a Junior Golfer, but we all know that he would not be playing at the soon to be renamed Arnold Palmer Invitational if he was not Arnold Palmer’s grandson. Saunders shot 76 on Thursday and 82 on Friday. Enough said.

It just goes to show that in this game it helps to know someone to get an 'in,' but you have to be able to perform on your own, no matter who you are related to.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Golf Scandal in South Korea

This week, the Prime Minister of South Korea, Lee Hae-chan stepped down from his duties. According to reports, instead of trying to resolve a railway strike, Prime Minister Lee decided to go golfing. The government and the public became so furious with their leader that Lee resigned from his duties as Prime Minister today.

Now you might ask yourself, did Prime Minister Lee really do something that bad that he should have to resign? I mean all he did was go golfing, right? This issue could have been resolved with the simple purchase of a cell phone or a Blackberry. Even better, Prime Minister Lee could have invited the Railroad Union head to play with him to avoid conflict or confusion.

So here is a lesson to us all as we head out to the golf course knowing that our discontented spouse is at home frustrated that we are playing golf one more time this week: Keep your phone on you and make sure that you are in contact in case chaos transpires.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Tiger Defends Doral - Yawn!

It is hard to watch golf when Tiger is in the lead. There is no drama. If there is, I don't want it because I root for Tiger. As I have said previously, rarely have I rooted for the favorite, until Tiger. I hope he wins every tournament. he is the only one that seems to care - EVERY WEEK!

By the way, it is time for Johnny Miller to eat some crow. His book on golf a little while back declared Tiger peaked during his one career slump. He said that all the golf so early meant he had peaked professionally at a younger age than most. WRONG!

I like Johnny as an announcer. Otherwise - what a shameless sellout.

I saw him doing those Ford commercials (with those clown's Penn and Teller) with his requisite Callaway logo's everywhere. Pleeeease! Talk about a guy who really needs to look at his own image before criticizing anyone - let alone Tiger. He looks like a fat Callaway logo himself.

Anyways, Tiger rules. I hope there is never another slump or that someone comes along with the same positive energy as him.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Cool Golf Product Deals

We have added a select few deals in our community store. Love the Vijay Speed stick. It works and will scare people that hang out to long in your office. We call that a win/win.

For golf balls, once you go Pro V you won't go back, so try out the great three dozen deal.

With the weather so good in Phoenix, I am glad our programming team is loacted in Oregon. The rain up there keeps them inside and productive.

I think we are nearing 5 months without rain in Phoenix. Global drying!