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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The GolfNow Event Series: Have You Signed Up Yet?

The GolfNow Event Series is in full swing and is in growing quickly. Our Event Series started in the Phoenix area as a monthly Event. The idea was to provide a fun, affordable and slightly competitive day of golf at a great local course. The Phoenix golfers enjoyed the Event Series so much that we started doing two Events per month - one Sunday Event and one weekday Event. We were selling out these Events so quickly that we had to bring it to our other GolfNow markets, and now they are almost everywhere.

Right now, San Francisco golfers have two Events to choose from, Eagle Ridge and Oakmont. We are also hosting an Event in Inland Empire at Redhawk and at Cimarron in Palm Springs. Dallas is having its second Event at The Shores and Denver is having its first GolfNow Event Series at Thorncreek. And of course, Phoenix has two Events right now with one at Wildfire and one at Francisco Grande. If you haven't signed up for an Event yet, you need to so you can see why so many golfers love our Event Series. Go to to sign up for an Event in your area!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

You Never Know...

Living in the Arizona desert, the only creature I fear confronting on the cart path is a rattlesnake. Obviously a rattlesnake is dangerous, but I have learned that if you leave the snakes alone they will leave you alone. All I have to do is hop in the cart, keep my feet up off the ground and drive around it. I have seen a few people bitten by a snake out on the course and several other big tough men who were shaken by the experience. But I have to say that all in all, there are not too many things for Phoenicians to fear when they are out on the course. Any fears that I have had in the past have diminished now that I have seen this photo. How do you react to these circumstances? If I ignore the bear, will it leave me alone? I am curious if anyone has seen something like this happen before or if this is really as rare as you would expect it to be?